Our story

When the pandemic struck, many of us found ourselves working remotely for the first time, in the beginning; it felt nice to have the freedom to work remotely. But as time went on, the challenges of a sedentary lifestyle tacked on, when we came up with the idea for a work from home supplement, it was in an attempt to fix the nutritional deficiencies many of us suffered from before the pandemic that have only intensified since. Then we experienced  burnout lack of focus, a drop in productivity and deterioration of work-life balance and learned that we were not alone in this feeling. So we quit our jobs and launched Quartz Mind not only to tackle the problems facing remote and hybrid workers, but to later on branch out into other natural solutions to the mental and physical inflictions that many of us face today. After countless formula revisions and 6 months of testing, we are so excited to introduce you to our flagship product WORK FROM HOME and can't wait for you to experience the drastic changes to your mood, productivity, focus and stress that we have. 

Valerie & Mercury Co-Founders Quartz Mind